Badges are a feature added in version .347 of The Long Dark. Similar to Achievements, badges are marks of accomplishments the player gets by performing specific tasks. Badges are divided into two categories, Feats and Challenges. Badges can be viewed either through the main menu, or the pause menu.


Feats are tasks the player can accomplish over multiple playthroughs. Once the player gains this feat, they get a badge to mark the accomplishment, as well as a perk that may be accessed in all subsequent playthroughs.

Name of Badge Prerequisite to Obtain Gameplay Perk
Book Smarts Spend 250 hours with Research Books 10% more Skill Level when completing a research book
Cold Fusion Spend 2400 hours (100 days) outside Permanent boost of +2°C/4°F to core body temperature
Efficient Machine Survive for 500 days All actions take 10% FEWER calories
Fire Master Start 1000 Fires Skill Levels for Fire Starting start at Level 3
Free Runner Sprint for 50 kilometers/31.1 miles Sprinting takes 25% FEWER calories
Snow Walker Travel 1000 kilometers/621.4 miles Stamina recharges 20% faster


Challenge badges are obtained when the player first completes the Challenges the badge is named for. They provide no gameplay related boost and serve only as proof of completing the challenge.

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