Bearskin Coat

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Out of the many clothing options The Long Dark has to offer, the most unique and useful would have to be the Bearskin Coat. The Coat by far has the most protection to offer from the weather. You cannot find this item in the world, you have to craft it (over a period of 30 hours and 12 minutes ) from the Hide of two black bears.

Bearskin Coat
Type: Clothing
Slot: Outer
Weight: 5.0kg
Warmth Bonus: 6.0°
Windproof Bonus: 5.0°
Waterproof: 80%
Mobility: 20%
Protection: 18%
All statistics are for clothing at 100% condition.

The Bearskin Coat is one of the Items available in The Long Dark.


  • The Bearskin Coat provides the most warmth out of all the coats, and is created from the cured hides of 2 black bears and 4 cured guts of any animal.


  • 1 Cured Bear Hide
  • 2 Cured guts


  • 1 Cured Bear Hides

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