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A Bunker is a randomly spawned structure in The Long Dark. Its location varies from game to game and it has set spawn locations when you start a new game (so you can't save and quit and reload your game to try to find a bunker in a specific spot). It has the appearance of what a prepper's bunker might look like, with only a hatch visible on the surface.


A player named Sniper Bob created maps for the three different Regions to make it easier to locate bunkers. You can find those maps here.

Generally you will find a bunker on the side of a mountain or in a hard to get area. There is no map for Desolation Point yet.


The contents of a bunker depend on what type the bunker is, but loot is always random. All bunkers contain a large amount of supplies, as well as destructible shelves and crates to make Scrap Metal and Reclaimed Wood. There are six different Bunker types:

A: The smallest bunker and generally the most common, this bunker contains mostly food and a Can Opener, Tinder Plug, and Cardboard Matches.

B: A slightly larger bunker than A, this bunker generally contains rifle(s) and ammunition, along with a small amount of food, a Hunting Knife, Newsprint Roll, and Cardboard Matches.

C: An L shaped bunker, C is based around tools, giving you the chance to find Quality tools, Simple Tools, a Prybar, Flare, Accelerant, Storm Lantern(s), Jerry Can(s), and Hatchet(s)(s), along with a small amount of food.

D: A medical-based bunker, this bunker contains Bandage(s), Antiseptic(s), Antibiotics, Painkillers, and a small amount of food. This bunker also features a bed.

E: A T shaped bunker, basing around clothing. This bunker contains a Premium Winter Coat, Insulated Boots, Thin Wool Sweater, Toque, Cloth, Bandage(s), a Storm Lantern, and a small amount of food. This bunker also features a bed.

F: Also a T shaped bunker, this bunker contains supplies for fires, such as Firelog(s), Fir Firewood and Cedar Firewood, Newsprint/Newsprint Roll(s), Tinder Plug(s), and a small amount of food. It may also contain Rifle Ammunition, Flare(s), and Bandage(s). hi