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Camp Office
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Camp Office is one of the locations within Mystery Lake.

It is often used by players as a main base, as it is close to several key locations in mystery lake with good looting near it. It is reasonably close to Trapper's Homestead, without being off the main path, and has multiple cabins on the other side of the lake from it. It usually contains, among other things:

  • Storage containers
  • Fire places, upstairs and downstairs
  • Beds
  • Workbench

Plenty of fire starting items, such as Accelerant and Reclaimed Wood, as well as Matches, tinder and sometimes even a Magnifying Lens. A Can Opener and a small amount of canned food, drinks, and a Storm Lantern.

Containers with random container drops can be found throughout the office:


  • Five metal drawers,
  • A first aid kit, and
  • Five filing cabinets


  • One cupboard,
  • Two wooden drawers, and
  • 50% Chance of a corpse

Caution! A wolf frequently patrols around the front door, it is recommended to use the back door.

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