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Carter Hydro Dam
An abandoned Hydro Dam, guarded by a wolf inside

The Carter Hydro Dam is one of the many locations within Mystery Lake.

Upper Dam

It offers many random goodies and a chance to grab a Hunting Rifle from the area downstairs. In the Control Room, there is a Safe.


There is a Wolf that runs around the inner hallways and downstairs area of the dam by the name of Fluffy, so watch out for it.

Fluffy the Dam wolf is a unique wolf named by The Long Dark's community. The name is player-given, so when jumped by Fluffy, it will simply say 'wolf'. Fluffy appears to be much tougher than standard wolves, requiring more hits when on top of the player and an additional gunshot to the body to kill.

Note: Fluffy is still easily killed with one shot to the head.

Note: Fluffy was removed at launch and will no longer spawn.

Lower Dam

There is also a door downstairs to a lower section of the dam. From there, there is another vault door to the outside of the dam. Note that the vault door locks itself when you exit. This can be alarming, but if you use the ledge to cross to the other side of the dam, then you can climb back into the dam through a window.

Hydro Dam & Environs

Winding River

If you follow the path down to the river, and explore the hills around it, there is a cave that leads to Pleasant Valley. There are some natural resources also present here.


  • There's Cat Tails all along the river.
  • There's also a Rose Hip Bush in the center of the river, near a turn-off, next to a dead tree.
  • North of the river, up the hill, leads to a cave. Inside this cave is commonly a Book, some food items, and a Plastic Container. At the entrance to the cave is a body, a Hunting Knife, a Backpack, and Crow Feathers around the body. Leading up towards the cave are Bunny Rabbits and a couple of Old Man's Beard Lichen hanging on trees.
  • At the lake portion of the river, there's commonly a couple of Rabbits and a Wolf. Near where the Wolf roams and near the entrance towards the upper hill, there are 2 Rose Hip Bushes, along with some Cat Tails.
  • Up hill, towards Hydro Dam, but before you reach the lake portion of Winding River, there's a ledge with a Deer Carcass on it.
  • Up hill, towards Hydro Dam, there's a "drop off" point that contains Fir Firewood at the bottom.
  • At the top of the hill, there's a section of the Hydro Dam that contains many crates and wood planks that can be broken down into Reclaimed Wood.
  • At the top of the hill, outside of the Dam, on a table near the Lower Dam Exit Door, there's a Metal Container and several Scrap Metal nearby.
  • At the top of the hill, outside of the Dam, if you scale the ledge across the Dam, then you'll come across a section with fencing, piping, wood planks, and multiple housing units (inaccessible). There's also a Deer Carcass located here.
    • Up the hill/stairs, from where the Deer Carcass is located, there's also a Backpack and several Reclaimed Wood.

Cave System


Inside the Cave you can find a variety of resources.

  • You can find up to 3 Flares at each of the "Dead-Ends". They'll be located on the ground. It's hard to see them without any light and even difficult with the usage of a Flare. However, they can be easily seen with the use of a Torch or Lantern.
  • You can find a Deer Carcass near the entrance to/from Mystery Lake. In the same area, you can also find Cedar Firewood and Cedar Logs.
  • You can find a body, Backpack, Bedroll, Burned Campfire, Peanut Butter, Granola Bar, Candy Bar, and up to 3 Reclaimed Wood all in the same area. This area is located right underneath the crossing planks that leads to the exit/entrance to Pleasant Valley.
  • Near the camp area, inside the cave, you can also find another "Dead-End", which contains up to 2 Fir Firewood pieces.
  • Directly outside of the exit/entrance to Pleasant Valley is a body that can be searched. Commonly around this body are some food items and a Backpack, as well.