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Cinder Hills Coal Mine
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The Cinder Hills Coal Mine is a transition between two maps, just like the Ravine. It connects the Coastal Highway with Pleasant Valley.

General Overview

The Abandoned Mine is a series of dark tunnels, dead ends, and rooms that connect Coastal Highway with Pleasant Valley. Located inside the mountains and with no source of light, the tunnels are impossible to be traveled without the use of Torches, Flares or a Storm Lantern. The Coastal Highway entrance is to the left of the Abandoned Lookout and to the northeast of a permanent trailer. In Pleasant Valley, it is on the far northeast section of the map, due north of the rural town, although one will need to go down the road and make a northeast move instead. Beware, a wolf can patrol near the entrance.

Inside the Mines

Despite being dark and virtually impossible to be explored without a source of light and isolated from almost every other location in the map, the Cinder Hills Coal Mine is a good place to look for high quality items. You may find:



  • Simple Tools on the Workbench.
  • A Torch is lying on the ground near a frozen corpse behind a metal grid.
  • Prybar
  • A Storm Lantern can be found the end of a collapsed tunnel - lying on the ground in a faced-down position.
  • A Sewing Kit can be found inside of the First Aid Kit and on the shelves.
  • An Emergency Stim can be found to the left of a Metal Container on a Metal Shelf.
  • A Workbench.
  • 3 Lockers next to the Workbench for storage.



  • The mine has no light inside, and is impossible to navigate without a light source, such as, a torch or a storm lantern.
  • The mine is usually warm enough so that the player need not worry about the cold; however, there are no places within the mine to start a fire.
  • There is a workbench in the mine, but unless a source of light is provided by the player, then it will be unusable.

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