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Cured Rabbit Pelt is used to [[Crafting|craft]] or [[Repair]]
Cured Rabbit Pelt is used to [[Crafting|craft]] or repair
* [[Rabbitskin Mitts]]
* [[Rabbitskin Mitts]]

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Cured Rabbit Pelt
Type: Materials
Weight: .10kg

Cured Rabbit Pelt is one of the Items available in The Long Dark and is used in crafting and repairing.


  • Rabbit Pelt. Can be used for crafting and repair

Sources of Rabbit Pelt

Obtained by leaving Fresh Rabbit Pelt on the ground indoors for 3 days.


Cured Rabbit Pelt is used to craft or repair


  • Introduced in The Long Dark v. 233
  • Replaces Rabbit Pelt

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