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Fishing Huts
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A standard Fishing Cabin in the Coastal Highway.

The Fishing Huts are unmarked locations found on every map except Desolation Point in Sandbox mode, and are equipped with a pot belly oven, a cupboard, two drawers and two shelves.

General Overview

The Fishing Cabins are small wood shacks painted moss green, found in frozen lake-like regions of the map. They can be used as temporary shelters against bad weather since they will shield from the wind, can provide food, and usually come stocked with a few supplies like a Fishing line, some wood, and matches. They function poorly as permanent safehouses since they don't have beds and are relatively small and isolated from many locations of the map. However, they can be used to get some good quality food from the Ice Fishing Hole if you have a Hunting Knife, Prybar, Heavy Hammer or a Hatchet and a Fishing Tackle. The Pot Belly Oven inside allows the player to stay heated while fishing and to cook food.

Some items can spawn inside the cabin:




Food and Drink


Be aware when walking over the ice to get to the Fishing Cabins, for sometimes the warning "Weak Ice" will appear, followed by the sound of cracking ice as you walk. If this happens, turn back until the warning disappears, and find another safe route to the Fishing Cabins. If you continue walking over "Weak Ice" it may break beneath your feet, resulting in the player falling inside the lake and getting wet. This will cause the player to freeze much faster depending on the clothes he is wearing, and he will need to find shelter and a way to get dry very quickly, or else he will die.

Some cabins have doors, while other ones use an empty door frame.

Note: Wolves can still get inside the doorless cabins, but cannot pass the doors on the closed ones. Bears are unable to get into a cabin of any kind.


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