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Fluffy is a wolf that used to reside in the Carter Hydro Dam. Fluffy was removed upon the launch of The Long Dark and can no longer be found there.


"Fluffy" is the nickname given to the wolf that is in the dam. She looks exactly like any other wolf found in the wild, and behaves the same way. Fluffy is known to be tougher to kill, so beware of this wolf when entering the dam.

Note: As of v.349: "Fluffy" is the official name used in the changelogs.

Note: As of v.349: :"Fluffy" doesn't always spawn inside the dam.


Fluffy behaves the same way as other wolves, other than the fact that she spawns inside the dam itself. While Fluffy can spawn in any random location within the dam, she mostly spawns inside the hallway leading to the main dam room. It is largely advised to avoid going into the dam unless you have a rifle and you are quick enough to kill Fluffy.

Fluffy does not spawn on Pilgrim difficulty.

Strategies to Deal with "Fluffy"

These are the most used community strategies for dealing with fluffy

1:(Requires;: a Flare, a rifle or bow with 5-7 rounds or more respectively, hunting knife, and misc medical supplies.)

  1. Light a Flare.
  2. Enter the dam and sprint through the atrium and through the other door.
  3. Sprint directly across the locker room to a door with a control panel visible through it.
  4. As you pass through the door switch to your rifle so you drop the flare (pressing H will work too but will not ready your rifle.
  5. Run to the farthest corner from the door with a clear line of sight it is recommended to crouch once you reach this position.
  6. As soon as you see a moving object start shooting and try to get off as many hits as you can before she reaches you.
  7. If she reaches you start clicking faster than you did in the torture scene from metal gear solid.
  8. She will either run away or die in either case heal as much as you can.
  9. If "Fluffy" does not die repeat steps 6-9 until satisfactory outcome.
  10. Harvest your wolf bits and recover and continue being lost in Canada.

2:(Requires; enough wood for a fire for at least two hours, rifle + 4-6 rounds, a torch)

1. light the torch.

2. Enter the dam and sprint through the atrium.

3. turn right and locate the open top oil barrel.

4. light the barrel and put it between you and the direction you just came from.

5. once fluffy arrives shoot her and either wait for her to bleedout or keep fireing.


"Fluffy" drops the same loot as any other wolf:

  1. Wolf Meat (Raw) 3-7 lb. meat
  2. Fresh Wolf Pelt 1
  3. Fresh Gut 2


Fluffy was first added between the updates v 0.326 and v 0.349. When Fluffy was first added, she was not added to the change log which caught the community off guard, as before this point Carter Hydro Dam was considered one of the best places to go as a new spawn (along with Trappers Cabin and Camp Office) since it usually contained large amounts of food, tools and was warm enough to stay in for extended periods as a "base". However after Fluffy was added this obviously was no longer the case.

Community reaction: After the "Fluffy Update" before it was common knowledge that Fluffy existed the forums were flooded with bug reports of people talking about a glitched wolf appearing in the dam. It quickly became apparent after many wide spread near heart attacks caused by "Fluffy" that this was not a bug but rather an intentional addition, during this realization it is unknown who first came up with her name but it was swiftly used in order to clarify to other members of the community if they were having the same experience and as an "inside joke" among the veterans and a prank to new players.

Other names

  1. The "dam" wolf
  2. run silent run deep
  3. shadows
  4. HOLY FU*K!
  5. Piece of ****

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