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Type: Tool
Weight: 3.30lbs / 1.50kg

The Hatchet is one of the Tools available in The Long Dark.


  • A small one-handed axe. Good for splitting wood. Can be used to hack meat in a pinch.


  • Repairing a Hatchet uses 1 Whetstone, also called a Sharpening Stone.



The Hatchet is primarily used as the only method of harvesting Firewood in the environment (Fir and Cedar), as well as being required to harvest Reclaimed Wood from objects such as Shelves and Crates. Also, it can be used to harvest Green Birch Saplings in order to build the Survival Bow

The Hatchet can also be used to harvest flesh from a carcass. It is very slow at harvesting frozen flesh, however, it is even faster than the Hunting Knife when used on flesh that is lower than approximately 50% frozen. Due to the necessity to use a hatchet to harvest any form of wood, it is not always recommended to use it for harvesting flesh, unless time is of the utmost importance to the player.

The Hatchet can also be used to open cans, smash ice from fishing holes and as a weapon in combat, granting a +20% bonus. It has more uses than any other individual tool in the game.

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