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Hunting Rifle
Hunting Rifle.png
Type: weapon
Weight: 4.00 kg

The Hunting Rifle is one of the Items available in The Long Dark.


  • An old .303 calibre bolt-action hunting rifle [Lee-Enfield]. Will bring a deer down in one shot. Wolves and bears are harder to bring down. Can be used to shoot through windows in certain buildings.


Possible locations where the rifle might be found.

Mystery Lake

Coastal Highway

Pleasant Valley

  • Farmhouse (second floor, under the master bed or in the office, propped against the wall by the cabinet.)
  • Three Strikes Homestead
  • (Red) Radio Tower
  • Misty Falls Picnic Area (next to a frozen corpse)


The Hunting Rifle has enough power to kill a deer with a single shot. Wolves will take two body shots or a single headshot.

Additional Information

The Hunting Rifle holds a maximum of 10 bullets and has a basic iron sight.

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