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Hypothermia is an Illness that can be acquired if the player is under cold temperatures long enough. With version update .364, it was possible to get falling through weak ice on the shore.


The player will be warned if they are at risk for hypothermia before it is developed. It can be treated without any problems by getting out of freezing temperatures, usually for about one hour.

If you get Hypothermia then a First Aid warning will appear. The effects of this Illness are that you get exhausted much easier than normal and you will take double condition loss from freezing . You can go from full rest to exhaustion in as little as 3 hours. It is recommended when affected by Hypothermia to treat this as soon as possible and to avoid travel. Exhaustion lowers your health and makes movement much slower.


The only treatment available for this illness is to remain in above freezing temperature for at least 24 hours. This can be simple and easy to fix if you sleep in a house or building for two 12 hour periods, but Hunger and Thirst may become an issue.