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You are not part of Mother Nature's plan, and you will bear the full force of her wrath. The true test of Human vs. Nature ~TLD game description

Interloper is the hardest mode in Sandbox mode (The other difficulties are Pilgrim, Voyager and Stalker). The game describes that this mode is "For expert players looking for the ultimate wilderness Survival challenge."

In Interloper difficulty, you start with the most minimal resources, supplies are very scarce and Wildlife is rare, but they are more dangerous


  • Interloper was a new game difficulty, introduced in v.364.
  • The world becomes more hostile to you as you play. Global temperature drops, wildlife and fuel resources become more scarce, and Blizzards become more frequent. 
  • Apart from the Hacksaw and Hammer, which spawn rarely in the world, you need to create all your own improvised tools (ex. Hatchets, Knives, etc.).
  • The best Clothing and Food items do not spawn.
  • Wolves are more rare, but also more deadly.
  • Wildlife becomes more rare over time.
  • There are no Rifles in the world.
  • The picture that represents this mode is the skull.

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