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Regions & Locations

  • The long dark takes place in a vast and open world, spanning many different environments.
  • The game is broadly divided into different regions.
    • A region can be thought of as a map, comprising a vast open area which the player must explore in their struggle to survive.
    • Each region has it's own weather patterns, and weather can vary wildly between regions at any given time. For example, a blizzard may be raging in one region while a neighboring region has clear skies.
  • Locations are the specific landmarks found within each region.
    • Locations are indoor and outdoor points of interest, such as a cabin the player can enter, or a peaceful lake you may camp beside.
    • Each region typically contains multiple locations
    • Some locations are dynamically generated when you begin a new game. Where you previously found a well stocked cabin, your next play-through may only contain a destroyed shell of a building, or nothing at all.


Primary Regions

Transition Regions


Standard Locations

Special Locations