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The moose is a new prey animal added in the Rugged Sentinel Update. It is the largest and toughest prey animal found in the game, due to its incredible size, volume of meat, and potential to harm the player if the player harasses or approaches close to it. If the player does so, the moose will look towards the player and enter a stance of combat, as well as begin to stomp, growl, and shake its antlers at the player. Failing to leave the premises immediately after the moose does its warning will result in the moose charging the player, ramming them to the ground, and stomping the player literally senseless, while the player is completely helpless. For this reason, the moose has been compared to the bear, which does a similar action if the player approaches, albeit much more lethally. The player will regain their senses several minutes later, with foggy vision that will persist for quite some time, and the moose will walk away. The player will be afflicted with a broken rib, which will last for quite some time. Unfortunately, if the player does not then leave the premises, the moose will charge the player again, this cycle will continue until either the player dies or flees, or the moose is interrupted by gunshots, predators, or anything else.


Unlike other animals, moose do not bleed out. This can make killing moose a bit more difficult. They are fairly tough so multiple shots are often required. It is possible to kill a moose with one shot, most likely when hitting the head, but typically moose do not die before taking four shots from any weapon; rifle, bow, and distress pistol all seem equally effective. It is impossible to kill moose without a ranged weapon.

  • One technique for hunting moose is to take one careful shot from a distance and more as the moose then charges, hopefully killing it before it reaches the player.
  • Lighting a campfire before engaging a moose should provide an adequate shield from a struggle. Provoking a moose to charge at a campfire location can provide good close-range opportunities without actual risk of trampling.
  • The Distress Pistol is excellent at both damaging and scaring away a charging moose.

The moose trampling, much like a bear mauls attack that the player cannot fight back, would inflict a broken ribs afflictions.

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