Mysty Falls Picnic Area

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Mysty Falls Picnic Area

The Mystery Falls Picnic Area is a small remote area in the far north-west of the Pleasant Valley region.

By the river you will find a frozen corpse and a backpack. There is a cave entrance that is hard to miss which leads into a small cave system.

Inside the cave you will need a source of light. When inside you will find a frozen corpse with a flare next to it. The corpse is in a seemingly 3-way intersection but the path on the right is a dead end, follow the middle/right path and you will find some items including a bedroll. Keep following that path until you hit a dead end and will find 3 pieces of fir firewood.

Because of how hard it is to get to the area and how few items there are its questionable whether its worth the trip but the cave is fine for staying over night.

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