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Picnic Spot & Pensive Pond

The Picnic Spot & Pensive Pond are abandoned (as one might expect) picnic areas in the Pleasant Valley region.

The Pensive Pond has a fishing cabin on it with some basic loot and a pot belly stove. By the shore you will find two boats and a small pier. Further up you will find a frozen corpse next to a backpack and some benches.

The Picnic Area is about 100m/300ft north of the pond(referencing this map) there you will find a few benches and another frozen corpse.

  • The fishing hut is the only place in the Pleasant Valley where you can get fish.
  • Be careful when travelling in and around the area as wolves do patrol the area.
  • This is not a good place to go upon first arriving to the Pleasant Valley because of high wolf activity, Signal Hill is a better place to go.
  • Potential experience spoiler: Translate the following from Icelandic "ekki sofa í veiði skála á vatninu vegna úlfur mun vekja þig"