Player-Made Shelter

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A 'player-made' shelter is some form of shelter from the elements (i.e: cold, wind, animal attack) that has been built by the player.

At the moment, there is only one form of player-made shelter; the snow shelter.

It requires 15 sticks and 5 cloth to construct. It protects from the cold, and players can sleep and fire a rifle inside them, however, players inside are still vulnerable to animal attack.

It gives complete protection from the wind. It gives 15 degrees C protection from cold if not sleeping. When you sleep, add 3 more degrees cold protection, if you don't have a bedroll, or add the bedroll protection if you have one in your inventory.

You may keep the Snow Shelter in repair (only one or two sticks daily). If you wait several days between repairs, you may need to supply additional cloth for repair. You may dismantle the snow shelter and retrieve some cloth and sticks. If it becomes completely ruined, it will become a permanent unusable item in the landscape.