Potable Water

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Potable Water

Potable Water is water that is completely safe to drink. It will recover the Thirst meter when drank. When commanded to drink, the player will drink water until they either max out the meter or run out of water; there is no option to only consume a partial amount, although pressing ESC will cancel drinking part-way through.

Potable Water may be found in the world in plastic bottles, in Toilets, or in basins. Water taken from a toilet or basin will not replenish, and the water may not be put back once it is taken. It may also be created by boiling Unsafe Water over a fire, or by using a Water Purification Tablet.

Other than for drinking, Potable Water may also be used to craft hot beverages, such as Coffee or Herbal Tea. To create, the player will use .25L/.07gal of Potable Water per beverage they create.

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