Quonset Gas Station

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Quonset Gas Station

Quonset Gas Station is one of the Locations in Coastal Highway.

It is located in the center of the Coastal Townside, alongside the highway. Two abandoned cars can be found near the Quonset Gas Station, one in the highway and the other in the back of the structure, with random loot inside them. The station is a good Safehouse for the player, for it has a bed, a fire gallon(barrel), workbenches and lots of helpful items inside.

Inside the Station

Entering the station through the front door, you will see two fridges, each containing 1-3 cans of soda, as well as shelves containing random food like Beef Jerky packages, energy bars, candy bars and/or granola bars. There is usually a Storm Lantern next to the register, and some canned food on the shelves underneath.

Inside the Quonset Garage

If you enter the garage you'll find two workbenches some mechanic drawers and a first aid kit. In the back you'll find some more lockers, drawers and filing cabinets with lots of useful loot like Scrap Metal, at least one set of Simple Tools or even Quality Tools, usually some Rifle Ammo and lots of Clothing. There's also a chance to find a Hacksaw here!

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