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Rabbits are one of the types of Animals seen in The Long Dark.

General Overview

Rabbits appear at various locations across the world, mostly at wooded, forested areas away from buildings. They do not roam like deer or wolves and are slow moving if the player keeps his distance, but can run incredibly fast if the player or a wolf gets too close. Rabbits are often found in small groups and will repopulate quickly, making them a good source of natural food for the player.

Hunting Rabbits

Rabbits can be hunted by the player as a source of food and raw materials. There are three different ways to hunt them, with two being the most effective.

Hunting with Bow and Arrow

The player can use a bow and arrows to hunt rabbits. To do so, approach silently the rabbit while crouched, against the wind direction, and keep your distance. Aim the bow with the right mouse button and fire the arrow with the left button. The rabbit will die with just one shot, and the arrow can be picked and re used to hunt other animals.

Hunting with Traps

The player can use Reclaimed Wood and Cured Guts to make a Snare and capture Rabbits. To do so, place the trap in a wooded area and/or location where you know that is inhabited by rabbits. After some time, check the Snare. You will find either a rabbit trapped on it, which can be harvested to yield resources, or a broken snare, which needs to be replaced.

Hunting with Guns

The most ineffective and over-the-top way to hunt down a rabbit. Follow the same instructions of the bow hunt, but use the Hunting Rifle and its rare ammo to aim and kill.

Hunting with Stones

The player can use a stone to stun a rabbit, and then pick it up and kill it (or release it).

Harvesting and Crafting

Each Rabbit yields roughly 1 to 1.5 kg (2.2 to 3.3 pounds) of Rabbit Meat (Raw), which can be cooked at a fireplace or oven into Rabbit meat (Cooked). You can harvest a rabbit's pelt by skinning it with the Hunting Knife, which will give you Fresh Rabbit Pelt. After letting it dry indoors for 3 days, the Cured Rabbit Pelt can be used at a workbench, with Cured Guts and a Sewing Kit, to make Rabbitskin Mitts, which requires a crafting time of 5 hours. A dead Rabbit will also provide Fresh Gut, that can be used to craft a series of items after cured.


  • There is a very high chance to get Food Poisoning when eating uncooked Rabbit meat. The same goes for Deer and Wolf meat.
  • A Rabbit can be caught using a Snare, making them easy to catch and not resource intensive (no need to use bullets or suffer injury). In turn, they provide a poor amount of calories compared to Wolves or Deer.
  • Although rare, wolves can hunt and kill rabbits. If the player come across a rabbit carcass, it will possibly have no meat, but the pelt and gut will be there to be collected.