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The Ravine is crossed by the railroad by way of a trestle bridge. It connects Mystery Lake with the Coastal Highway.


  • Although it appears possible to get off the railway to go into the ravine, do not do this. The player will die. Unless you use a rope to tie off to the rock just to the right of the tree which then leads to the Ravine Basin.
  • To traverse the new version of Ravine, you have to abandon the rails and go to the right. As soon as you see a way to the left, follow it. You will also usually find a frozen corpse and some Rose Hips there. Cross the fallen tree onto a derailed cargo wagon, then go on following the rails until you get to the bridge.
  • Birch bark is plentiful here.
  • There are no predators on this whole map.
  • There is a cave in this area. It is located where the rock wall makes a very sharp bend (almost a 90 degree bend) on the side furthest from the tracks. This makes a great place to rest if climbing up from the Ravine Basin.

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