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Ravine Basin
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The Ravine Basin is found by climbing down a rope (that you must supply), just to the right of the crossing that connects Mystery Lake with the Coastal Highway. Nevertheless, the Ravine Basin only connects to the Ravine.

If you follow the tracks to the very end in the Ravine area and look in the last Box-Car there should be a Mountaineering Rope along with other supplies.


  • This is one of only two locations that you can find a Distress Pistol.
  • There are no predators on this whole map, but there are 2 spastic rabbits at the far end.
  • There is a cave in the Ravine Basin at the far end which is only a short distance away.
  • There is also a cave above in the Ravine.
  • Remember to stop on the ledge on the way back up. It's a long way going back to the top.

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