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General Overview

Research Books are books that the player can spend time reading to increase their Skill Levels denoted by the book.

These books were added on June 22 in the V.346 or "Penitent Scholar" update. Along with the introduction of "First Tier" skill progression.

Book Names and Skill Bonuses

  • Frontier Rifleman (+5pts Rifle Skill)
  • Guns! Guns! Guns! (+10pts Rifle Skill)
  • Wilderness Kitchen (+10pts Cooking Skill)
  • The Frozen Angler (+10pts Fishing Skill)
  • Field Dressing Your Kill (+10pts Skinning Skill)
  • Survive the Outdoors! (+10pts Fire Starting Skill)
  • Stay on Target (+10pts Archery Skill)
  • A Sewing Primer (+10 pts Mending Skill)


Bear in mind that the player will be unable to read books if any of the following conditions are encountered.

  • Affected by a negative Affliction
  • A need is not met (Hunger, thirst, etc.)
  • Area is too dark
  • Player's condition is too low (40-50% seems to be the threshold.)

However, interestingly, you can still read in the following conditions, but you should still be ready to cancel out of if any of the following occurs.

  • When outdoors, a predator starts to stalk or charge the player.
  • When outdoors, the weather takes a turn for the worst. (Blizzard, etc.)
  • When nearby heat sources (Fires, etc.) start to deplete
  • When the Aurora emerges.

In regards to lighting conditions, the light must be above a certain threshold to allow reading to take place. While most places during the day can allow reading, at night it can be more confusing. Starlight seems to allow reading, but most other areas at night will not allow reading without the aid of a lantern, torch, flare, or fire. Just because an area allows vision does not mean reading will be permitted. This can also be the fault of the player's gamma settings, should they set it too high in a attempt to be able to see in the dark when they should not be able to. Even without excessive gamma to allow night vision, however, there are some areas (Such as Grey Mother's house outside of Wintermute) that allow vision and yet do not allow reading at night.


Possible locations for certain research book spawns.

Mystery Lake

Camp Office - always contains one of these books:

  • Wilderness Kitchen (on the shelving unit that is at the first floor)
  • Frontier Rifleman (at the first floor next to the broken radio)
  • Survive the Outdoors! (on the shelving unit upstairs next to the dresser)
  • Field Dressing Your Kill (on the shelving unit upstairs next to the dresser, seems to be found less frequently than 3 other books)

Trapper's Homestead

  • Wilderness Kitchen
  • Frontier Rifleman
  • or no book at all

Lone Lake Cabin

  • The Frozen Angler

Forestry Lookout

  • Survive the Outdoors!
  • A Sewing Primer
  • Small Arms Handbook

Logging Camp

  • Wilderness Kitchen (Next to Wood Stove, outside)

Max's Last Stand

  • Survive the Outdoors! (Inside the Max's Backpack. Note: Unsure if this is possible for all backpack loot tables but i've found it in this backpack twice and not once in another)

Carter Hydro Dam

  • Wilderness Kitchen
  • Frontier Rifleman

Ice Fishing Cabins

  • The Frozen Angler

Carter River - inside a cave which connects Mystery Lake and Pleasant Valley

  • Wilderness Kitchen

Lake Overview - inside cave

Forlorn Muskeg

Old Spence Family Homestead

  • Survive the Outdoors!

Poacher's Camp

  • Wilderness Kitchen

High Blind

  • Field Dressing Your Kill vol 1

Campfire Near enterence To Mountain Town - by a backpack

  • A Sewing Primer

In the backpack at campfire East of Shortwave Tower

  • Wilderness Kitchen

Broken Railroad

Maintenance Yard

  • Stay on Target

Hunting Lodge

  • Wilderness Kitchen
  • A Sewing Primer

The Ravine

Ravine basin

  • Advanced Guns Guns Guns!

Coastal Highway

Abandoned Lookout

  • Field Dressing Your Kill

Quonset Gas Station - (on the small shelf built into the outside of the bench that the cash register sits on)

  • Wilderness Kitchen

Car near the spilled part of the highway which is not far away of the Quonset Gas Station. (exact location here)

  • Frontier Rifleman

Car between Log Sort and Fishing Camp

  • Field Dressing Your Kill

Fishing Camp - (on the work bench)

  • The Frozen Angler

Pleasant Valley

Cave next to Mystic River Picnic Area

  • Guns! Guns! Guns!

Pleasant Valley Farmstead

  • Frontier Rifleman
  • Wilderness Kitchen
  • Stay on Target
  • The Frozen Angler (basement of house)

Cinder Hills Coal Mine

  • Survive the Outdoors!

Hunters Blind (near the entrance to a cave which connects Mystery Lake and Pleasant Valley)

  • Field Dressing Your Kill

Hunters Blind (Skeeter's Ridge, close to the crashed plane)

  • Field Dressing Your Kill

Unnamed Pond Fishing Hut

  • Survive the Outdoors!

Timberwolf Mountain

Mountaineer's Hut

  • The Frozen Angler
  • Wilderness Kitchen

Cave (Second one after walking north from Engine)

  • Survive the Outdoors!

Tail Section

  • Field Dressing Your Kill

Summit cave

- Advanced Guns Guns Guns!

Desolation Point

Hibernia Processing - inside the refinery, second floor

  • The Frozen Angler
  • Guns! Guns! Guns! - up the pipe, under upside-down boat

Stone Church

  • Frontier Rifleman

Katie's Secluded Corner

  • Field Dressing Your Kill
  • Stay on Target

Lonely Lighthouse

  • Survive the Outdoors!

The Riken

  • The Frozen Angler
  • A Sewing Primer


  • Books can be burned in a fire. Like the unnamed Books scattered throughout the world, they provide eighteen base minutes of fire and provide a +15% boost to burning. Take care that the book isn't burned before using it, as it will be forever lost.