Rural Crossroads

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Rural Crossroads

The Rural Crossroads is a small settlement in the Pleasant Valley region.

Although the settlement is small it's the biggest in the Pleasant Valley region. A road and a river run through the town with a bridge over the river. There are seven houses total, three burned down and four habitable. There are two habitable houses on each side of the bridge.

The Rural Crossroads can be a good base but there are better options such as the Pleasant Valley Farmstead partially because of the lack of a stove, that said there is a lot of loot there and it is by all means worth checking out.

  • counting from top to bottom (N to S on the map here) the second habitable house is the only one in the village that has a bed.
  • the third house is a small shop, there is a lot of food in there and other useful items in there.
  • the first and forth house are sheds of sorts, there is loot inside but less then the other two houses.
  • Bears and wolves do occasionally patrol unsafely close to the buildings, in particularly on the north side of the bridge.

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