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Skeeter's Ridge
Skeeter's Ridge - Pleasant Valley (Basement).jpg
A desolate area of 3 burnt down houses.

Skeeter's Ridge is one of the Locations in The Long Dark. It is located in Pleasant Valley.


Skeeter's Ridge is located at the far-west end of Pleasant Valley, on a hill top above. It can be accessed via walking up the mountain (from the south) or by taking a set of 2 ropes located near Draft Dodger's Cabin. To be more precise, it is the exact location where the Old Bear starts mauling you to death in The Hunted, Part One Challenge.


Skeeter's Ridge (Basement)

In front of one of the burnt down houses lies an accessible Basement Area that acts as an "instance" entrance (so safe from wolves and bears). This area is one of the areas where the player is required to spend 3 Days inside of for the Nomad Challenge.

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