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Type: Tool
Weight: 0.66lbs / 0.30kg

The Snare is one of the Tools available in The Long Dark. It can be obtained through Crafting or found in various locations, such as the Trapper's Homestead.


  • A simple snare, used to capture small game.




Snares are currently only used to capture Rabbits. To use a snare, it must be selected from the inventory and then placed somewhere near the player, much like how a campfire is placed. It's important to make sure the snare is used in an area where there are lots of rabbits; otherwise it might take a very long time to catch one, if ever. After placing a Snare its probably better to do other things for dozen hours and then check to see if it has caught anything, since it will take some time for a rabbit to wander into it. The snares do not work while you're looking at them, the rabbits will just pass through.

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