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Storm Lantern
Storm Lantern.png
Type: Tools
Weight: 2.20lbs-3.96lbs / 1.00-1.80 kg (Empty-Full)

The Storm Lantern is one of the Items available in The Long Dark. It can be refilled using a Jerry Can, or Lantern Fuel (Kerosene).


  • Wind-proof storm lantern with mechanical igniter. Burns kerosene.


  • It provides small amounts of warmth when lit (4 degrees C).
  • Can be placed when equipped by right-clicking.
  • When harvesting the lantern, it will give you one Scrap Metal, and the amount of Lantern Fuel that it has left in it. This fuel will come in a Jerry Can.
  • The weight of the lantern increases when filled with fuel.
  • As of v.365, there is a hand holding the storm lantern, as oppose to it just floating in previous versions.

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