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The Hunted, Part One is one of the Challenges present in The Long Dark.


The player will always spawn at Skeeter's Ridge in Pleasant Valley, and will immediately be set upon by the Old Bear, who will maul and injure the character as any bear who catches the player would. This will never be fatal, but the player will be injured. The player is tasked with reaching the Trapper's Homestead in Mystery Lake.

During the game, the bear will spawn randomly nearby whenever the player enters an outdoor, non-transition location. As such, the bear will not spawn at the Carter Hydro Dam or Winding River, but will spawn in Coastal Highway or another main map.

Tips and Details

  • There is a Distress Pistol in the basement next to the starting location.
  • The Old Bear will not be affected if he is shot by the pistol directly, but a flare will scare him as would the distress pistol from any animal if it hits the ground.
  • Wolves are still present, but they are no different from wolves in the Voyager difficulty of Sandbox mode. They will run from the Old Bear as they would from any bear.
  • The player will more than likely have no clothing because it was destroyed by the Old Bear attack. Check the washing machine and dryer in the basement with the Pistol for some clothes.
  • The bear has a larger detection radius than a normal bear, and is more aggressive, like a wolf, but it will get stuck on geometry like any other bear.