The Hunted, Part Two

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The Hunted, Part Two is one of the Challenges that the player can face in The Long Dark. This challenge may not be attempted until The Hunted, Part One has been completed.

In this challenge, the player will always spawn at Trapper's Homestead in Mystery Lake carrying a Hunting Rifle loaded with 10 Rifle Rounds. Their goal will be to chase the Old Bear through Mystery Lake and kill it.


The Old Bear follows a predictable path. He appears outside the cabin, then retreats to Max's Last Stand, then through the woods to the train tracks and to the Camp Office. He then moves up towards Frozen Creek and then around past the cabin towards the Clearcut. He passes by the logging cabins, then crosses the train tracks and heads down the frozen river towards Mystery Lake. He will then cross the lake and end up at the cave in the far southeast of the map.

There are three extra bullets in the Lake Cabin on top of the filing cabinet.

You will have to shoot the Old Bear a few times as he rests. You will not need to do so every time, but he will not flee at times. If he is not fleeing, he will attack, and maim the character much as he did in the beginning of The Hunted, Part One.

The door at the Trapper's Homestead will be slightly damaged by the Old Bear as the game starts. This has no effect on gameplay.