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The player is required to drink periodically, and will die if he/she does not do so. Once the Thirst bar in the menu is sufficiently low, the player will become "thirsty" and a corresponding notification will display on the HUD. Once the bar is depleted, Condition will rapidly decrease until the player drinks or perishes.


There are a number of drinks that can be consumed to curb thirst.


Water is the most common drink for the player. It can be easily accessed and stockpiled, making for strong survival.

Water can be found in the world, but the most common place to access it is to melt snow over a Fire. They can choose an amount of snow to melt, in 0.5L/.2gal increments, and melting time is 10 minutes per 0.5L. This will provide the player with Unsafe Water, which can be consumed, but has a high chance of giving the player Dysentery. To avoid this the water must either be boiled, again over a fire, or purified using a Water Purification Tablet, providing the player with Potable Water. Boiling water takes 5 minutes per 0.5L, and one Purification Tablet purifies 1L of water.

A toilet or a basin may have a random amount of potable water. This source will not regenerate once it is taken, and the water may not be put back.

Although both Unsafe Water and Potable Water appear to be kept in plastic containers, in the inventory and when dropped, no items are required for containing water.


While it is less efficient than Water, thirst can also be reduced by drinking one of the three brands of soda, Orange Soda, Grape Soda and Summit Soda, found throughout the maps. All three drinks provide the player with 250 calories, and so will decrease Hunger as well.

"Sweet carbonated drink. Full of high-fructose corn syrup."


A four-in-one restorative beverage, Coffee not only makes the player less thirsty, it also provides 100 calories, increases the Fatigue meter, and slows the reduction of the Fatigue meter for a short time. Coffee can be brewed by using the Tin of Coffee over a fire, with .25L/.07gal of potable water in inventory. A cup of hot Coffee is then placed in the player's Food inventory tab. If the coffee is consumed hot, it will provide the same benefit of other hot beverages, increasing warmth and preventing the warmth meter from decreasing as fast for a period of time.


There are three different brews of tea. While none of the teas provide the "fatigue" boost that Coffee does, they each have their own advantages and they all keep the player warm. Just like with coffee, any of the teas are brewed over a fire with .25L/.07gal of potable water in inventory.

All teas provide 100 calories in addition to their unique effect, that can be modified by skill level. Like any other food, the calories will degenerate over time if it is not consumed immediately. Consuming teas hot will increase warmth and make the warmth meter decrease slower for a length of time. Teas may be consumed at full calories for their restorative benefits, although they won't provide their caloric benefit.

Condensed Milk

Although Condensed Milk is considered a Food item, providing 750 calories, its consumption also restores the players thirst. A tool such as a Can Opener, Hunting Knife or Hatchet is required to open the can; although smashing the can is an option, but it causes Calorie loss.

Pinnacle Peaches

Also a food item, Pinnacle Peaches will also restore the player's thirst. Just like with Condensed Milk, a Can Opener, Hunting Knife, or Hatchet is required to open the can. Pinnacle Peaches can be warmed up like Tomato Soup for all of the benefits that eating hot food bestows, but there is no difference between a hot or a cold can when it comes to thirst.