Tiny Fishing Hut

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Tiny Fishing Hut

Most fishing huts have one set of pull-out drawers, one cabinet, and two shelves along the side and back wall. There will also be a pot-belly stove and a small dent in the ice near the doorway. That dent is called the "ice fishing hole." When your cursor passes over it, will say "100 percent frozen"; if you click on it, it will ask if you want to break the ice with your knife, hatchet, or prybar. After the ice is broken, you can fish in it. To fish you need fishing tackle. To make fishing tackle, you will need a hook, a line, and a work bench. You will need to make the line and hook; cured gut and scrap metal are needed. If the ice fishing hole is not used for some time, it will start to re-freeze. In that case, if you intend to start fishing again, you will need to break the new ice.