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Tools are one of the types of Items in The Long Dark.

List of Tools

Tools Weight
Accelerant 0.22lbs / 0.10kg
Firestriker 0.22lbs / 0.10kg
Magnifying Lens 0.22lbs / 0.10kg
Cardboard Matches 0.22lbs / 0.10kg
Wood Matches 0.22lbs / 0.10kg
Flare 0.55lbs / 0.25kg
Torch 0.66lbs / 0.30kg
Prybar 2.20lbs / 1.00kg
Hatchet 3.31lbs / 1.50kg
Hunting Knife 1.10lbs / 0.50kg
Hunting Rifle 8.82lbs / 4.00kg
Survival Bow 1.10lbs / 0.50kg
Revolver 3.31lbs / 1.50kg
Fishing tackle 0.04lbs / 0.02kg
Snare 0.66lbs / 0.30kg
Storm Lantern 2.20-3.96lbs / 1.00-1.80 kg (Empty-Full)
Can Opener 0.55lbs / 0.25kg
Simple Tools 2.20lbs / 1.00kg
Quality Tools 1.66lbs / 0.75kg
Sewing Kit 0.22lbs / 0.10kg
Hammer 4.40lbs/2.00kg
Improvised Knife 1.65lbs/ .70kg
Improvised Hatchet 3.85lbs/ 1.70kg
Hacksaw 2.20lbs / 1.00kg

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