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Trapper's Homestead
Trapper's Homestead sunset.jpg
A view of the Trapper's Homestead at sunrise

Trapper's Homestead is one of the locations within Mystery Lake. It is located South of the Unnamed Pond. It has all of the essential pieces a safe house would need: A bed, Workbench, a wood stove, and plentiful supplies.


The Trapper's Homestead is filled with helpful supplies to keep you alive on your long cold journey. Items commonly found in the home can include:

It is also possible to find a Hunting Rifle on the gun rack, however its appearance is more rare.

Hunting Rifle found in the Trapper's Homestead


Safe found in Trapper's Homestead

There is a Safe beside the Workbench that will sometimes provide the player with better gear. To open the Safe, the player must attempt to figure out the combination.

Cracking the Safe

Use "A" and "D" to rotate the lock face. When the arrow is pointing at the correct number in the combination, the lock beside the respective tumbler will change from locked to unlocked.

First, slowly rotate clockwise until Tumbler 1 becomes unlocked. Then counter-clockwise for Tumbler 2. Rotate clockwise again for Tumbler 3, and stay on the number for Tumbler 3 until the safe becomes unlocked.

If you go past the number you meant to input, all tumblers will go back to being locked and you will have to make a full clockwise turn before trying to enter the combination again.


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