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"Equal parts hunter and hunted, your struggle to survive will eventually lead to mastering the elements." -The Long Dark Game Text

Voyager Mode is the most balanced of the four difficulties in Sandbox Mode, (the other three difficulties being Pilgrim, Stalker, and Interloper). The game describes it as a mode "For players looking for a reasonably challenging exploration-survival experience, but not a punishing one".

In this mode, wolves will attack the player if they are detected, but can be usually scared off by gunshots or brandishing flares. There are less items in the world than in Pilgrim difficulty, the player expends more energy to perform tasks, bars such as Thirst and Cold decrease faster, and the player is more susceptible to Afflictions like Hypothermia or Food poisoning.


  • The picture used to represent this game mode on the title menu is the owl. (although there are none in game)
  • Fluffy, the dam wolf will spawn on this difficulty.