Winding River

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The Winding River is at the bottom of Carter Hydro Dam, and is the transition region between Mystery Lake and Pleasant Valley.


Around the dam area, there are several crates that can be broken down, as well as a few metal containers that may contain random supplies. Take note that the entrance and exit to Carto Hydro Dam are both one-way doors: The player will need to traverse the narrow ledge across the dam to reach the broken window if they wish to enter.

The base of the dam is a frozen river with some rabbits, wolves, and some cat tails.

Further down the river are some caves. They are safe from predators and can provide cover from the wind. Some Rose Hip, Reishi Mushroom, and Old Man's Beard Lichen may grow there, and both human and deer corpses may be found.

One of the caves will transition to The Mine, which will lead to Pleasant Valley.