Wolfskin Coat

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Wolfskin Coat
Wolfskin Coat New.png
Type: Clothing
Slot: Coat
Weight: 3.0kg / 6.6lbs
Warmth Bonus: +4.0 C
Windproof Bonus: +4.0 C
Waterproof: 60%
Mobility: 15%
Protection: 15%
All statistics are for clothing at 100% condition.

The Wolfskin Coat is one of the Items available in The Long Dark. It can be made through Crafting.


  • Handcrafted fur and skin outer layer will keep you warm and remind Wolves that they should keep their distance. Not the way the Wolf expected to end up.





  • Despite what the description says, this coat does not help deter wolves and they will still attack the player.

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