Wolfskin Coat

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The Wolfskin Coat is one of the Items available in The Long Dark.


  • Handcrafted outer layer. Warm, tough and tells Wolves -- and everyone else -- you are not to be trifled with.
  • It gives a [7.0°C / 12.6°F] warmth bonus and a [5.0°C / 9.0°F] wind proof bonus, when its condition is at 100%.
  • Weight [4.0Kg / 8.8Lbs]


  • The Wolfskin Coat can be crafted using the Workbench, is crafted from 4 Gut and 4 Wolf Pelt, crafting time is 50 Hours.



  • Harvesting a Wolfskin Coat yields 2 Cloth.

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